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Chessington Theme Park

Our theme park includes 10 themed lands AND over 40 rides and attractions.

Along with the Zoo, SEA LIFE centre and our Daily Shows - it makes Chessington Britain's Wildest Adventure. Explore deeper below, or start planning your trip.

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“Chessington was amazing. My kids loved it. We all enjoyed ourselves. Form the hotel to explore the park. Loved it! I will recommend for families.”

Amazing Theme Park

“Chessington is not only a great place for kids, but for adults too. It's a place the whole family can enjoy together.”

Great day out for the whole family!

“A great day out for the whole family, there is something to do for everyone! From the thrilling Rameses Revenge for thrill-seekers, and the Bubbleworks for younger children, I'd highly recommend it.”

Definitely going again!

“The Theme Park was brilliant, and the Zoo was excellent, I can't wait to go again! I'd recommend it to any family.”

Excellent Day Of Adventure

“We had a great day out at Chessington, I loved every second. You have friendly staff, yummy food and great rides, I can't wait to go again!”
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