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Deep in Jumanji, jungle drums echo, signifying families’ first adventure! Mandrill Mayhem sweeps you up in the long arms of a mandrill, as the horde whisks brave adventurers around the sites of Jumanji, all while dodging the hazards of the jungle. The most fearsome of all the wild animals, the mandrills are unpredictable and will launch at full speed through the treetops, flipping upside down on a hair-raising adventure, spiralling to the summit of the 55ft tall Jaguar Shrine. Glimpse the Jaguar’s Eye Jewel glow before falling and braving the adventure again… backwards.

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Mandrill Mayhem

Ride around the iconic sites of Jumanji, brave Chessington's first inversion, and all while dodging the hazards of the jungle.

Ride Information

  • Adventurers must be a minimum height of 1.2m tall to ride
  • Due to the nature of Mandrill Mayhem anyone over 1.95m tall will be unable to ride.
  • The ride has 2 sides separated by a walk over bridge
  • Each row on each side accommodates up to 2 Adventurers, 1 per seat.
  • For safety reasons, Adventurers must be properly secured in the ride seat, which means this ride may not be suitable for Adventurers with torso measurements approaching 51 inches.
  • Adventurers must be fully sat back in the bucket of their seats with their back against the backrest
  • Not suitable for expectant mothers.
  • Not suitable for those with a fear of heights.

Accessibility Information


All prosthetic limbs must be secured to the guest’s body or removed before boarding any ride.
Prosthetics must not inhibit the required seating position

Non - Ambulant & Wheelchair Access

Guests with amputations may be required to wear a securing harness to ride
Not all amputations are permitted
Guests should check with ride staff before queueing
Restrictions are set by ride manufactuer
You must have full upper body strength including head and neck control and be able to brace against the forces.
This ride is not suitable for non- ambulant riders.


In the event of an evacuation you must be able to pull yourself up and out of the seat at an inclined angle and decend a ladder
Due to complexity of exit riders may be required to wait whilst we evacuate the ride

Missing Limb or Amputation Information

Guests are advised to get in touch in advance to discuss their requirements with the team or speak to Guest Help & Information on the day of their visit

Accessibility and Limb Difference Guides

A full list of restrictions are detailed in the Accessibility Guide and Limb Difference Guides below.

For any further queries, please contact us on

Ride Access Information


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2 Guests
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