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Scorpion Express Chessington Ride


Reserve & Ride is a system that queues for you, leaving you more time to explore our ROARsome park, see the animals and enjoy the entertainment!

Using your smartphone, Reserve & Ride allows you to wait the queue time for a ride virtually, freeing you up to visit other rides, shops, restaurants and more while you're waiting for your turn. 

There are three tiers of Reserve & Ride - the higher the level, the less time you have to wait between making a reservation and riding the ride.

There are loads of benefits to Reserve & Ride:

  • Get the most out of your day and spend less time in queue lines
  • Choose from up to 26 attractions
  • Simple, easy to use system accessed right through your smartphone


  • Offers the same wait as the physical queue
  • Reserve your space in the queue line
  • Enjoy the park's other attractions while you virtually wait


  • Reduce your virtual wait by 50%
  • Enjoy the park's other attractions while you virtually wait


  • Our fastest ride access
  • Minimal waiting time, maximum time to explore
  • Plus exclusive access to Mamba Strike, Mandrill Mayhem, Ostrich Stampede, and Rattlesnake


Reserve & Ride is a service that virtually queues for you, leaving you with more time to explore the Resort! Using your mobile phone, enjoy one of our three service levels: Regular, Express, or Ultimate, and choose from up to 26 of our attractions. Reservations are made one at a time, and a prior reservation must be used or cancelled before booking the next.

  1. On the Reserve & Ride website, select ‘LOGIN’ in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Enter the email address your booking was made under and enter your password – this is also where you create your password if this is your first-time logging in.
  3. Activate your session by selecting the Reserve & Ride voucher box. Select ‘REDEEM’. 
  4. Your session is now active! 
  5. Select ONE attraction of your choice and then tap the ‘RESERVE NOW’ button to commence your virtual wait. 
  6. While you virtually wait; explore the Resort, visit our zoo, shops and restaurants, or, if you have time, ride a different attraction. 
  7. When the countdown ends and your QR code appears, present your QR code to a member of staff at the Reserve & Ride entrance to gain entry. 
  8. Enjoy your ride on the attraction and repeat!

If you require assistance at any time with your Reserve & Ride, visit The Hub in Mexicana or Guest Help & Information by the Mane Stage.

Attractions are set to ‘full’ by the Reserve & Ride team when the maximum number of guests using Reserve & Ride and/or Ride Access Pass waiting to enter an attraction is reached. To avoid significant delays in the physical queue lines, online reservations are temporarily stopped to allow time for the Rides & Attractions team to clear the queue. This is normally only for a short while. Please try reserving another one of your favourite attractions and check back later!

Merlin Annual Passholders can enjoy 10% off all Reserve & Ride service levels – Regular, Express, and Ultimate – every day at the Resort! To take advantage of this exclusive in-Resort offer, simply present your valid Merlin Annual Pass to a member of the Reserve & Ride team at The Hub in Mexicana. 

Terms: Offer only valid for redemption in the Resort and cannot be redeemed online. Offer not available to Discovery Annual Passholders. Offer can only be redeemed by named Merlin Annual Passholder. Offer not valid on Bundles or One-Shots. All Reserve & Ride products are subject to availability. 

£5 Fastrack vouchers for Chessington World of Adventures Resort have been discontinued in sales of Merlin Annual Passes and are now no longer accepted on Reserve & Ride purchases.

No – screenshotting of QR codes is a breach of the Reserve & Ride terms and conditions and can lead to the revocation of your Reserve & Ride or Ride Access Pass session for the remainder of your visit without a refund.

Children under the height of 90cms are not required to pay for Reserve & Ride. They may accompany Reserve & Ride users on reserved attractions – height, weight, and age restrictions permitting.

For full terms of the Reserve & Ride service, please refer to the Terms & Conditions tab in the side menu on the Reserve & Ride website here.

One-Shots allow you to use the Reserve & Ride service to receive a one-time instant reservation to your chosen attraction via the Reserve & Ride entrance.

During peak times, One-Shots for selected attractions may only be purchased and redeemed after 12pm – they will not be accepted on participating attractions before this time. One-Shots can be purchased directly on the Reserve & Ride website or at The Hub in Mexicana. All One-Shot products are single-use and subject to limited availability.

Attractions available as One-Shots: 

  • Croc Drop 
  • Dragon’s Fury 
  • Gruffalo River Ride Adventure 
  • KOBRA 
  • Mandrill Mayhem
  • River Rafts 
  • Tiger Rock 
  • Vampire 
  • ZUFARI: Ride into Africa! 

Note: One-Shot products are subject to limited availability and may be withdrawn from sale at any time. Pricing varies by attraction and date of purchase. Height restrictions apply. 

Reserve & Ride covers up to 26 attractions at the Resort: 

  • Adventure Tree Carousel 
  • Barrel Bail Out! 
  • Blue Barnacle 
  • Croc Drop 
  • Dragon’s Fury 
  • Elmer’s Flying Jumbos 
  • Griffin’s Galleon 
  • The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure 
  • Jungle Rangers 
  • KOBRA 
  • Monkey Swinger 
  • Room on the Broom - A Magical Journey 
  • Sea Dragons 
  • Seastorm 
  • Tiger Rock 
  • Tiny Truckers 
  • Tomb Blaster 
  • Trawler Trouble 
  • Tuk Tuk Turmoil 
  • Vampire 
  • ZUFARI: Ride into Africa! 

Exclusive to Reserve & Ride Ultimate users only: 

  • Mamba Strike
  • Mandrill Mayhem
  • Ostrich Stampede
  • Rattlesnake 

Please note that River Rafts is not included on any Reserve & Ride service level and is only available as a One-Shot. Jungle Bus and Treetop Hoppers are not available on any Reserve & Ride service level for operational reasons. 


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