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River Rafts


Make a splash on mini-log flume, River Rafts – watch out though for the cheeky chimps that live along the waterway!

Ride Information

  • Adventurers must be 0.9 metres tall or over to ride.
  • Any Adventurer between 0.9 metres and 1.2 metres must be accompanied by an adult aged 16 or over. Accompanying adults must sit in the same boats.
  • Each boat accommodates up to 3 unaccompanied children or 1 child and 1 adult maximum – an unaccompanied child is an Adventurer who is over 1.2m but under 16.
  • Maximum of 140kg per boat.
  • Not permitted for expectant mothers.
  • Not suitable for Adventurers with heart conditions, high blood pressure, back or neck problems.
  • Not suitable for Adventurers with a leg amputation.
  • Due to evacuation procedures, this ride is not suitable for non-ambulant Adventurers.
  • Adventurers will get wet on this ride.