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Great fun for little ones!

“I took my son on the Flying Jumbos and it was his favourite ride of the day. Fantastic fun for brave little adventurers!”


“This ride is fantastic for young children. My young boy (2) loves Elephants and therefore he loved it! He even named the Elephant Billy!”

Great ride for the little ones!

“Little ones, you MUST go on this! It's a fun interactive ride where you can pilot your own flying elephant! DON'T MISS IT! ”

Relaxing ride

“This ride is very relaxing and fun. When I was younger I used to go on it at least 5 times. This is a very good ride for young children.”

best ride for children...

“I thought Flying Jumbos was a good ride because if you are scared of rollercoasters this is the perfect ride for you to go on. Also it is made for parents to go on it too!”
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