Temple of Mayhem


Located in the ancient ruins of Wild Asia, the Temple of Mayhem is a two-storey house of adventure where you can explore, run wild and shoot your fellow adventurers as they make their own way through the temple.

Thrill rating: Little Adventurers


  • Maximum height: 1.40m.
  • Adults only allowed if accompanying a child.

Adventurers under 4 years old are not permitted.

May not be suitable for Adventurers who struggle with loud noises 

See all theme park ride height restrictions.


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Great fun!

“I loved Temple of Mayhem, you get to fire balls at people. It is AMAZING!!! ”

Temple Of Fun

“Temple of Mayhem is a perfect way to have fun with your family and friends and shoot each other with foamy balls!”

So fun!

“When I go in Temple of Mayhem, I never want to leave - you will not regret it, there's so much cool stuff to do!”



Blasting balls - in a child friendly atmosphere!

“The Temple of Mayhem is a fun ball blasting arena where as well as blasting balls at their friends, kids could even make new friends! Good fun atmosphere so well done Chessington! ”
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