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It was amazing!

“vampire goes very very fast! It made me scream with happiness and excitement! ”

King of coasters!

“Absolutely, outstanding and a highlight to your day! Truely the greatest experience anyone could have. Chessington has the best coaster in my eyes and never get rid of it! ”

I love Vampire!

“Vampire is the best ride I have ever been on and all the twists and turns make it even better. I am defiantly going on vampire when Chessington opens!”


“I think vampire is: Fabulous, Amazing, Awesome, Addictive, Exciting, Best ride ever, Wonderful, Action Packed, Thrilling, Fantastic. I rate it ***** out of ***** It was then best experience of my life and we are going back in June or July next year.”

One of my favourites....

“Vampire is one of the best rides I've ever been on....highly recommend!”
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