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Black Buccaneer

My favourite

“This is one of my favourite rides in the world. I love the feeling of being on the back row, and feeling so free when it swings. I always rush straight for this ride. ”
Black Buccaneer


“When you first get on you feel like it is not going to be scary but when it gets high it takes your breath away and it is sooooooooooo fun!!!!!!”
Black Buccaneer

Best ride EVER!

“I was scared at first but this ride is my favourite in the whole park! You might get quite dizzy but overall it is such a fun ride! 10/10. Can't wait to ride again soon!!”
Black Buccaneer

So fun!

“This ride is so fun. My friend and I sat right at the back because you get to go the highest. This is by far my favourite ride!!!”


“This ride is great for all the family. Me and my friend thought it was a little kids ride but when I went on it I absolutely LOVED it!!! I recommend it. ”
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