Land of the Dragons

Land of the Dragons


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Dragon's Fury

The best ride EVER!

“Dragon's Fury will never be topped - it will always be the best of the best! You just keep spinning and spinning, and laughing the entire time!”
Dragon's Fury

I love this ride!!!!

“This ride is my best ride at Chessington. Its such a fab ride I would totally rate it 5 stars!!!”
Dragon's Fury


“Dragon's Fury is the most epic, intense and wild ride EVER!!! Every time I go on, it is just as amazing as before... The feeling of euphoria as Dragon's Fury spins you into oblivion is SPINSATIONAL!!! ”
Dragon's Fury


“This outstanding ride is one of my favourites! The way it goes up and down sometimes gives me the shivers! I recommend this ride to everyone!😀😀😀😀!”
Dragon's Fury


“Dragons fury was so scary cheating ton was an amazing theme park that u should got to tho defiantly worth all the money my mum & dad spent on me 👍🏻”
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