Wild Asia

Theme Park rides and attractions will be closed until March 2017.
While the theme park hibernates for the winter you can still have a fun filled family day out at Chessington. Visit us for our Zoo Days - weekends until 4th March 2017.

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Such a good family ride

“All of the rides in Chessington is amazing but I chose to highlight Kobra as it is so good for family. It's very calm but very very fun and it's very exciting for the kiddies. I strongly recommend the ride. ”
Monkey Swinger

WOW! Amazing ride!

“Monkey Swinger is the best ride in the whole of Chessington! It spins you round, slowly becoming higher, and then the jets of water start up. Be warned, you will get very wet! The staff are very friendly and approachable, and will not hesitate to point yo”


“Kobra is a thrilling and exciting ride. I went on it 5 times!”


“I went on nearly all the rides at Chessington and it was AMAZING!!!!!! I'm going back there very soon and can't wait for another wild adventure! THUMBS UP FROM ME! ”
Monkey Swinger

AWESOME RIDE!!!!!!!!!!

“At first I thought it would be horrifying but then my friends encouraged me to go on, so I went on and got absolutely soaked! I definitely recommend this ride!”
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