Trail of the Kings


Journey through the jungle and get a close-up look into the world of the fascinating Western Lowland Gorillas, Asiatic Lion, Carpathian Lynx, Sumatran Tigers, Binturongs and Fossa.

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Asiatic Lions

Lion family at Chessington

“We've been to see the new cubs a couple of times now and found it to be such a privilege to be up so close to this little family of five. We've seen them feeding and playing, rolling in the ground with their father, it's been amazing to see! ”

Cutest Animals

“The Trail of the Kings is my best part of Chessington and the Binturongs are absolutely brilliant with their cute looks and gentle nature, you will be stunned when you see them.”

amazing ^_^

“I loved trail of the kings, it was amazing to see tigers get up close. I was happy to see the fossa because they are rare :) I remember seeing the lions rolling around in the sun :)cant wait to come back!! :)”


“WOW to sum up trail of the kings...... I was literally glass away from lions/tigers my heart was pounding, I absolutley loved it SO AMAZING. MY ADVICE IS GO THERE, YOU WONT BE DISSAPOINTED :)”

Gorillas are AWESOME!!!

“I'm going to Chessington tomorrow AND I CAN'T WAIT! Last time I went I witnessed the Gorilla feeding and it was so interesting to watch such an awesome animal eating. This time I hope to watch the big cats feeding!”
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