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Amur Tiger

Tiger Kyra

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Watch the most majestic animals, Amur Tigers in an innovating big cat enclosure with Europe's first overhead trails. Amur Tigers were previously referred to as Siberian tigers, and they're slightly larger than a Bengal Tiger. An Amur tiger’s coat is a lighter orange than other species and just like a human thumb print, has a unique pattern of stripes – no tigers’ coat is ever the same  

In the wild, they're found in the Russian Far East, Northern China and the Korean Peninsula. At one point it was thought there were only 50 Amur tigers left in the wild. Russia became the first country to ban tiger hunting, offering the animals full protection – as a result, numbers started to increase. Amur tigers are hunted for their skin for decoration; their teeth and bones for ancient medicines, and for coming into conflict with people due to their habitat decreasing.