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OFF PEAK £6 £9 £12
PEAK £8 £13 £17


We are currently developing our resources database and continue to add more content on our Schools Hub. Please visit here to download some of our resources.

Unfortunately we're currently not offering workshops for school visits, however we're working hard to bring these back soon!


Whilst legal restrictions have now been lifted, we want to ensure we can offer you the best possible experience.

You will see some signage stating “Face coverings recommended” which will be displayed at entry points into our indoor attraction or high footfall areas.

Visit here for up to date COVID guidelines.

You can book either by completing a provisional booking form or by calling the team on 0137 273 1680.

Phone lines are open Monday to Friday (9am-4pm). Closed on weekends.

If you have any specific queries please contact the team on

Schools can bring as many teachers as they need.

We recommend that all groups under the age of 12 years old must always have at least 1 supervising teacher within their group of 6. 

We offer complimentary teacher tickets when booking – 1 per 10 paying secondary students, 1 per 5 paying primary students and 1 per 3 paying early years and nursery students.

Please collect your ticket at our designated schools ticket collection booth located at Lodge Gate entrance. 

Please note – payment must be received at least 10 working days in advance of your visit to ensure it has cleared and your tickets can be released.

We match our regular school prices for home school students. Proof of status will be required as with schools. Home school trips will need to be booked by calling the school booking and information line on 0137 273 1680.  

Each ride has its own height restrictions ranging from 0.9m to 1.4m minimum. To explore all our rides in advance, please click here

We have a fully manned First Aid/Medical Centre located by the exit to Tomb Blaster within our Forbidden Kingdom land.

All existing rides and new rides have an ‘In-Service Annual Inspection’ by outside independent inspection engineers to ensure the safety and integrity of the ride for each season. Daily inspections are also carried out by our own qualified engineers.

Yes, a few of the rides have strobe lighting for effect. Please visit here for a full list of our ride photography and strobe lighting.

Some of the rides and attractions can be quite small in area and to some individuals these may feel confined. However, no areas on the park can be defined as a confined space.

Some rides and attractions at Chessington World of Adventures Resort expose children to water.

We ensure that floor surfaces are non-slip wherever possible. The outdoor nature of the park means that it is exposed to weather conditions that can have an adverse effect on surfaces. Care needs to be taken when surfaces are wet.

The park is closed to vehicular traffic movement when open to the public. There are designated drop-off points for coaches at Chessington World of Adventures Resort. There is no requirement for children to cross any busy public roads although children will be required to cross-internal park roads to access the admissions area. Pedestrian walkways are provided where possible.

Yes food is clearly labelled in accordance with trading requirements.

You can see our full ride safety guide here.

You can make as many amendments to your provisional booking by calling our team on 0137 273 1680. Please make sure to make all amendments before final payment as all paid bookings are non-amendable and non-refundable.

Steps may need to be negotiated around the park. Disabled access is provided where necessary.


There is plenty of complimentary space for coaches and minibuses to park at the Resort. This is located by our Lodge Gate entrance. At peak times entrance to the Resort can become rather busy so early arrival is always advised.

Chessington Resort souvenir guides are available to purchase at all of our retail stores. We advise all students and teachers to download our free Chessington World of Adventures app which has an interactive map and details of ride queues and show times.

Yes the park is well sign-posted along with comprehensive detail on the park map.

Safety glass is used throughout the park.

The park has regulations displayed at the entrance. Staff are trained to enforce these regulations for the benefit of all adventurers. Staff will instruct children to behave where necessary.

We have a large variety of open spaces for school groups to use. These include our picnic areas by Explorer Entrance and Wild Woods. Please refer to our park map to plan your trip.

Lockers can be found at Adventure Point, Land of the Dragons and Wild Woods. There is a charge to use lockers, small lockers are £1 per hour or £5 all day and large lockers are £2 per hour or £10 all day. You can return to your locker as many times as you like within your hire period without incurring any extra charges. Lockers are limited so be sure to get yours before you begin your wild adventure.

There are no lunchrooms available but there is a wide variety of food options on the Resort. There are also several seating areas around the Resort which may be suitable, but we do not reserve.

Currently there is not a dedicated room although we will consider requests when the learning spaces are free. Please contact us at 

Lost children should report to a member of staff. The First Aid Centre has a lost children facility.

Chessington World of Adventures Resort has a comprehensive emergency plan that has been developed in conjunction with the emergency services. Staff are trained in what to do in an emergency.

The park has a procedure in place to evacuate adventurers from the park safely. This will be implemented by fully trained staff.

There are shaded areas throughout the Resort for students to use.

Handrails are provided where necessary. There are no steep slopes at the park. As there are slight hills, scooters, roller skates and children's tricycles are not permitted into the park. For their own safety we request that children wearing Wheel Heeled shoes (Heeleys) do not activate the wheel part of the shoe and take due care and attention while in the park.


If you lose something whilst at Chessington World of Adventures Resort, please visit Guest Help & Information in Adventure Point who will be able to assist.

Alternatively, you can submit lost property requests using our Lost Property contact form if you have already left Chessington World of Adventures Resort.

The quality and safety of all our rides and attractions are of the utmost importance and therefore a considerable amount of time and effort is spent on making all visits a safe and fun experience. Merlin Entertainments Group who own the theme park are Europe’s leading operator and developer of visitor attractions. Due to the complexity of theme park operations in the UK a summary of all main health and safety requirements is set out below:

Legal Requirements

Health and Safety at Work Act etc 1974 – This is the principle Act that applies to the company and is to ensure that all workers in all occupations are protected by law. Its purpose is to provide one comprehensive integrated system of law, dealing with health, safety and welfare of employees and members of the public who are affected by work activities. The Act is written in very general terms and does not require many specific requirements for managing health and safety at work. Instead, the Act places a general duty on employers to provide safe systems of work that are so far as is reasonably practicable, safe and without risks to health.

Under the HASWA Act 1974 are many specific regulations which relate to work activities on site. The principle requirement being to undertake risk assessments to identify ‘hazards’ and assess the risk under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

- The health and safety policy is signed by the Chief Executive Officer for Merlin Entertainments Group and the Divisional Director for the park.

- Risk Assessments are undertaken by all departmental Managers with reference to the work activities that they manage. Risk Assessments are reviewed at least annually or if any significant change takes place with regard to a work activity or area of work. Due to the volume of risk assessment documents it is not possible to send these out on an individual basis.

- The park is covered by Public Liability Insurance. The amount of cover provided by this policy is &10 million. The Policy is with ACE Insurance (Policy No: 47UKAO7552).

- The park is duel enforced by the local Health and Safety Executive and Environmental Health Department.

Engineering/Maintenance of Rides:

All new rides must be designed and manufactured in accordance with strict standards and comply with UK requirements. Any new ride specifications with associated calculations are submitted to an outside independent inspection engineer in order to establish that the design is sound. This includes all aspects of the ride, i.e. forces involved, type of restraint, type of passenger carrying unit, any restrictions such as height, this process being known as ‘verification’.

In addition to this all existing rides and new rides have an ‘In-Service Annual Inspection’ by outside independent inspection engineers to ensure the safety and integrity of the ride for each season. Daily inspections are also carried out by our own qualified engineers.

Ride/Attraction Operation:

The operation of all rides on park is conformant with strict documented procedures and manufacturers guidance. The rides team have a considerable amount of experience in operating rides and attractions which ensures safe operating standards.

All ride operators are over 18 and undergo a company medical for fitness. They are also rigorously trained to a high level of competence specifically related to each ride they operate. Operators undergo supervised training hours for each ride. All ride attendants are over 16.

Chessington Zoo:

Chessington Zoo at Chessington World of Adventures Resort is operated under strict licensing conditions as established within the Zoo Licensing Act 1981. A dedicated team of experienced zookeepers cares for the collection of birds, mammals and reptiles. All the birds, mammals and reptiles are protected behind suitably constructed barriers where the adventurer is able to see the exhibit but unable to touch.

Food Safety/Hygiene:

The park operates food catering outlets which are operated by trained employees. The food units operate in accordance with the Food Safety Act 1990 and are regularly inspected by the local Environmental Health Department. The park also contracts an independent consultancy which carries food safety/hygiene inspections twice a year on all food retail outlets on park.

First Aid Facilities:

The park has First Aid facilities which are operated by a dedicated team of qualified first aiders. Each park also has a defibrillator located in each facility with a team of employees trained to operate this equipment. First aiders are trained to deal with all minor injuries on site and also in the initial stages of any major injuries that may occur until the emergency services arrive at the scene. The park has hospitals nearby with Accident and Emergency facilities.

The facilities also operate a lost person collection point so that they may be reunited for those responsible for them.