School Group at Chessington World of Adventures Resort

What Chessington World of Adventures Resort can offer your students.

We asked some students visiting Chessington what they thought of the rides, the zoo and the workshops. Here's what they had to say.

Primary Schools

“I thought it was educational and fun at the same time.”

Chloe, 10


“We’ve been learning about the rides and how they work. You get to see the rides, and it’s mixed with education as well.”

Jahzeil, 10


Secondary Schools

“It’s been great because the teachers have given us freedom to do what we want, and there have been lots of fun rides.”

Sarah, 14


“I think visits to theme parks are great because they’re interesting. You’re doing stuff and getting active.”

Andrew, 14


“It was fun and hands on. It will stick in my memory a lot more because we got to do stuff.”

Josh, 14


“You experience more by going out. It’s got everything and I love animals

Sophie, Year 10


“The workshop gets your attention and is really interactive”

Tom, year 9


“It was really enjoyable. We went to the Education Centre and they told us about different species of animals.Then we went on lots of different rides

Maliha, year 9


“The Chessington trip is the highlight of our year”

Chloe, year 10


“We started off with a conservation workshop about different animals at the zoo that are endangered. We also went on some rides. The day’s been really good – much better than a normal day at school! It’s more exciting, more fun and more interesting”

Asher, year 9


“You get to learn in person rather than in the classroom where people can lose focus”

Mia, year 10



“Excellent for BTEC Travel and secondary school children.”

Head of Humanities, Parkview Academy

“Superb presentation as information was in small bites!”

Class Teacher, The White House School

“Very useful talk and easy for students to use as a case study”

Travel and Tourism Tutor, Varndean College

“The fact that the children got to see the animals close-up and even got the chance to touch them meant they could feel their different textures first-hand”

Year 5 Teacher, Latchmere Junior School

“Beautiful sensory experience which captivated our pupils”

Sue Bolton, Castle Hill, Chessington

“The educational talk was really child friendly and full of interesting facts. The children were completely engaged and focused.”

Year 5 Teacher, Latchmere Junior School

“I would recommend the day to any school. It would not have been possible for us to study forces so successfully without this visit!”

Class teacher, Silver End Primary School

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