Lorikeet Lagoon


Go truly wild on an expedition through the Lorikeet Lagoon, part of Wild Asia... a beautiful way to meet these exotic and colourful birds.

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“These birds were so colourful and cute! One tried to jump and get in my mums handbag, so funny!”


“The Lorikeets are so cute, I had 6 on my arm at once trying to get the pot of nectar. I loved the birds, would like to see them again.”


“I absolutely love the Rainbow Lorikeet birds. I've never done anything like it before. I mostly enjoyed letting the birds sit on my arm and they started pecking at the nectar. Thank you Chessington for letting me have that experience.”


“This experience was amazing and I am sure I will come back again and again. This is a wonderful idea with wonderful creatures which are exciting and colourful!”

Amazing experience!

“Feeding the Lorikeets was the highlight of my trip. You meet lots of little friends and one went in my hair!”
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