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Three Banded Armadillo

Can you spot us in AMAZU?
Three-Banded Armadillo (Flo)

About Us

Here at Chessington we have 3 Southern three banded armadillos! Armadillos are solitary in the wild. They can spend up to 16 hours each day sleeping! When they are not in bed they are usually very active, munching on the bugs which we give them to eat. Three banded armadillos can live for about 15 years so ours are still quite young. 


  • Armadillo Translates roughly to 'little  armoured one' in Spanish.
  • The three banded armadillo is the only species of armadillo (out of 20) which can fully roll itself into a ball - and can leave a small gap open which it can slam shut on any other animals paws.
  • It's one of the smallest species of armadillo - (no taller than your average football) but can still run up to 30 mph.