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Saki Monkey

Meet this friendly group in our monkey walk through
Saki Monkey (2)

About Us

At Chessington we have two saki monkeys, Iggy and Lana, who can be found in the monkey walkthrough. Males have a black coat with white hair around the face, and the females have a brownish grey coat with two orange coloured lines from the eyes to the nose and orange/brown colouring on the chest. Saki monkeys are arboreal, meaning they spend most of their time in the trees. Their tails are long and fluffy and used for balance whilst jumping from tree to tree. They have long, thin fingers and toes with thick pads on the ends to help them grip onto branches. Sakis eat fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and insects. Their teeth are strong, designed to crush the shells on nuts and seeds.

FUN FACT: Saki monkeys are monogamous, meaning a mating pair will stay together forever.