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We have a family of 4 striped skunks – Storm, Flash, Monsoon & Breeze. Striped Skunks are found widely throughout North America. They are omnivores, and will eat most things that they can find but their favourite food is bugs! They’ll also snack on fruits, vegetables, eggs, small mammals and birds if they can catch them. They are most well known for their spray which is a nasty smelling mixture of chemicals that deters predators. Skunks will warn before they spray by stamping their feet and raising their tail, but if a predator ignores those warnings, that spray can reach 2 metres! Not only is it smelly, it also acts as an irritant so predators that are sprayed will never mess with a skunk again! Striped skunks are considered Least Concern by the IUCN, but are under threat due to their bad reputation as people consider them a bit of a pest.