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Pygmy Marmoset

Pygmy Marmoset (1)

Here at Chessington we have 3 Pygmy marmosets, 2 males - Icana (born 2013) and Atilla (born 2011) and one female - Luminina (born 2012). It may take you a while to find all 3, as they are the smallest living species of monkey in  the world today. Not only are they small, their brown/grey colouring makes them very camouflaged with the trees and surroundings in their environment, making them very hard to spot. Their faces are a good giveaway though - white markings on their faces help them identify each other and are also used as a communication tool.


  • Pygmy marmosets have incredibly flexible necks and can rotate their heads nearly 180 degrees.
  • Pygmy marmosets are cabable of using their teeth to create near perfect circles within trees - great for extracting tree sap and gum.
  • They are the smallest monkey in the world (but not smallest primate).