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Geoffrey's Marmoset

Come and meet us in the monkey walk through
Geoffrey's Marmoset

About Us

At Chessington we have three Ge­of­froy's marmosets that live in the monkey walkthrough with the saki monkeys and red-handed tamarins. The geoffroys may be small but are easy to spot due to their fluffy white tufts on either side of their head and distinctive pattern. They inhabit a variety of forest types, are arboreal and have claw-like nails that help them cling vertically to trees, run across branches and leap between trees. Due to their small size, this makes them vulnerable to predators such as members of the cat family, snakes and birds of prey. Due to this, marmosets are vigilant and will alarm call to warm other members of the group that a predator is nearby. Geoffroys mar­mosets are om­niv­o­rous, eat­ing mostly vegetables, fruit, in­sects, and gum. Some of their favorite treats include wax worms, morio worms, dates and grapes!

FUN FACT: Twin births are common and successful in marmosets which is unusual for primates!