Bubbleworks - Now Closed

Bubbleworks - Now Closed


Bubbleworks closed its factory doors for the last time on 6th September 2016, and will be under new management from March 2017. Sign up to find out the latest news first!

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Thrill rating: Family Adventurers

Ride restrictions

  • Children shorter than 1.10m must be accompanied by an adult.

See all theme park ride height restrictions.


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Fun for everyone

“It was a pleasure to ride this amazing dark water ride!”

Fun for all ages!

“I went on Bubbleworks with my whole family, and they all loved it. The decorations, music, getting soaked, everyone was laughing all the way round!”


“Bubbleworks is one of the best rides at Chessington, it's a well themed, great ride that's enjoyable for all.”


“Me and my family had so much fun on Bubbleworks, I highly recommend you go on it.”

Bubble of joy

“I love this ride, it's a fun experience for all ages.”
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