Can I freeze or get a refund on my Merlin Annual Pass as I am pregnant or cannot use my pass?

This option is only reserved for our Merlin Annual Passholders under exceptional medical circumstances ( broken bones are excluded ) are Forces Deployment or are pregnant. 

Please send your freeze request by clicking here; please also ensure any signed documentation is attached, which has been signed from a Doctor/GP that specifically stating that you are unable to attend our attractions with the length of time you will be unable to attend for. It is within Merlin’s discretion to freeze a Merlin Annual Passes.

Any changes to your circumstances need to be reported to the team as soon as possible in order for us to freeze your Passes. Unfortunately under no circumstances will we be able to backdate Passes for any lost time.

Please note: At this time we do not offer the option to freeze Merlin Membership Passes.


We hope this answers your question.


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