What are you Ride Safety policies?

  • For your comfort and safety, please note that the information shown here is in addition to the general ride restrictions that apply to all adventurers. These are shown at the entrance to each ride and it is the responsibility of all adventurers to check these before deciding to ride.
  • Several rides are unsuitable for adventurers with heart, neck, or back conditions, or expectant mothers, and we strongly recommend that anyone having undergone recent surgery or having been subject to an injury does not board these attractions.
  • On many of our rides, adventurers must be capable of bracing themselves in an upright position and these are shown in the downloadable Accessibility Guide.
  • On all rides, adventurers are required to keep arms and legs inside the carriage, boat, or gondola and remain seated at all times.
  • As well as complying with all ride restrictions, it’s a good idea to watch our rides in motion before deciding to board.


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