Fastrack ride entry

Fastrack Tickets get you onto our most popular rides faster!

  • Book our Fastrack packages online and get 10% off the on-the-day price.
  • Annual Passholders receive 20% discount on on-the-day package sales only. This discount is not available on any single ride Fastrack tickets or on any packages booked in advance.
  • Package tickets are not timed - you can enjoy the rides at whatever time suits you.
  • The exact queue time saved depends on the length of the main queue.

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Fastrack Ticket Package Prices
Fastrack TicketsPrice on the dayPrice in advance
Brave Adventurer Fastrack
Vampire and Dragon Falls
£10 Not currently available
Wild Adventurer Fastrack
ZUFARI: Ride into Africa!, Tomb Blaster and Scorpion Express
£13 £11.70
Fearless Adventurer Fastrack
KOBRA, Rattlesnake and Rameses Revenge
£12 £10.80
Young Adventurer Fastrack
Flying Jumbos, Peeking Heights and Toadie's Crazy Cars
£7 £6.30
Explorer Fastrack
The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure, ZUFARI: Ride into Africa!, Vampire, Seastorm, Dragon's Fury, KOBRA, Monkey Swinger, Dragon Falls, Tomb Blaster, Flying Jumbos, Toadie's Crazy Cars, Scorpion Express, Rattlesnake and Rameses Revenge
£45 £40.50
Ultimate Fastrack
Unlimited Fastrack access to all Fastrack rides all day for one person, including The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure
£70 £63

Buy Fastrack online

One Shot Fastrack Ticket Prices
Fastrack TicketsPrice
The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure £6
Vampire £6
Dragon’s Fury £6
ZUFARI: Ride into Africa! £5
Scorpion Express £5
Dragon Falls £5
Tomb Blaster £4
Seastorm £4
Toadie’s Crazy Cars £3
Flying Jumbos £3

One shot Fastrack ride entry tickets are time limited and available on the day from Fastrack kiosks.

About Fastrack

Some things worth knowing about Fastrack Tickets.

  • Fastrack tickets do not give you entry to the park; you will still need to purchase your day entry tickets.
  • The number of Fastrack tickets sold each day is limited and pre-purchasing is highly recommended.
  • Fastrack entry lines operate from 10.30am - park close.
  • Fastrack tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Lost Fastrack tickets can’t be replaced.
  • Please consult our full ride listing before purchasing all Fastrack tickets to ensure they are suitable.
  • Fastrack queues operate as a proportion of the main queueline time, and won’t give you instant access to rides during peak times.
  • Anyone above 0.9 metres will need to purchase a Fastrack ticket.