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DigiPass Terms & Conditions

Chessington Annual DigiPass

These are the terms and conditions ("Terms") on which we supply the Picsolve DigiPass to you ("DigiPass holder" or "you").

  • The DigiPass holder must appear in the photo they wish to claim.
  • To claim a digital photo, the DigiPass holder must present a valid DigiPass to a photo retail counter.
  • It is the DigiPass Holders responsibility to download their associated photos within 90 days of the picture being taken. Any photos not redeemed within this timeframe will not be available to view and download as per our privacy policy.
  • The DigiPass is only valid on the specified date(s) and park of purchase.
  • Ride and photography locations are subject to change and may not be operational every day. No compensation is available should you not be able to claim a photo at a specific location.
  • Photo quality can be affected by environmental and technical factors. Picsolve accepts no liability where this is the case.
  • Walkabout and Studio photographers (subject to availability) will take a photo of an individual or group but must consider the needs of other guests so are not obligated to take more than one photo.
  • Some ID badge/licence/seasonal event products do not include digital photography. Please go to the photo retail counter on the day of your visit for more details.
  • Photos not collected on the day cannot be issued at a later date.
  • If the DigiPass is used by someone other than the holder, it may be cancelled without compensation.
  • Compromising or inappropriate images will not be issued. This decision will be made by the staff at the photo retail counter and this decision is final.
  • DigiPass pre-purchased online before your park visit must be collected by the purchaser and a form of ID will be requested to verify your voucher. For refunds please refer to the website you purchased the DigiPass from.
  • Terms and conditions are applicable from January 2020 and may be modified at any time.
  • Your statutory rights as a consumer are not affected.
  • Some locations offer a discount on printed photos to DigiPass holders. Please go to the photo retail counter on the day of your visit for more details.
  • Chessington Annual DigiPass entitles you to digital photos at selected seasonal events. Please go to the photo retail counter on the day of your visit for more details.
  • Your Chessington Annual DigiPass can only be used at Chessington World of Adventures Resort.
  • You must present a valid Chessington Annual Pass when purchasing or collecting your Chessington Annual DigiPass
  • Your Chessington Annual DigiPass is only valid until the expiry date shown on your card.
  • If your Chessington Annual DigiPass is lost or stolen, you must return to the park where you purchased it to get a replacement issued.
  • Your Chessington Annual DigiPass can be collected up to three months from the date of purchase.