Be a Junior Zoo Keeper for a Day

Chessington’s Junior Zoo Keeper FOR A DAY experience (7 to 16 years)

Here’s a wonderful experience for younger adventurers that will give a first taste of the day-to-day work of our Zoo Keepers when you too can become a Zoo Keeper for the day.

You’ll get to work in the Children’s Zoo and Wanyama Village, meeting our Donkeys, Goats, Sheep, Ferrets, Capybaras, Meerkats and many more animals. Get to know them and learn all about their care and feeding.

The Experience

Your four hour Zoo Keeper for a Day experience runs from 10am till 2pm. You don’t have to be accompanied by an adult, but if you’d prefer to be, one adult may join you. Alternatively, they can relax at the Chessington Resort Hotels while they wait.

  • These Zoo Keeper experiences are very popular and we recommend you book well in advance
  • Availability of all animals listed is subject to their health and other conditions and cannot be guaranteed
  • The maximum number of young adventurers for each Junior Zoo Keeper for a Day experience is two. If only one young adventurer is booked, he or she may be joined by another one

A truly wonderful way to get up close and gain a real insight into some of the world’s most fascinating animals. You’ll go away with great memories, but don’t take our word for it read our reviews.

Price: £160 per Young Adventurer or £288 for 2*

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Bookings must be made 7 days in advance of experience.  Due to the nature of our VIP experiences, some of our animal encounters may not be suitable for those with mobility problems.  Expectant mothers are not permitted on any of our experiences.  If you believe this may affect you, please contact our VIP team before booking to discuss your individual needs.

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Here are some the newest reviews for Junior Zoo Keeper for the day.
You can also search our full reviews archive, or maybe you could write a review of your own!


Here are some of the newest reviews for 'Junior Zoo Keeper for a Day'.
You can also search our full reviews archive.


“My daughter Judy had a fantastic jr zookeeper for the day experience. Daisy was so lovely and friendly. Judy said it's been the best day ever. Thank you. I would highly recommend it.”

Junior zoo keeper experience

“Today my son did his VIP junior zoo experience. It was brilliant. For a little boy who loves being around all animals and helping with taking care of them, this was the perfect gift. He absolutely loved the responsibilities of feeding and cleaning the ani”
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