fish and chips food at Chessington World of Adventures Resort

Try our freshly cooked MSC* accredited cod & chips - a hearty meal for any swashbuckler exploring Pirate's Cove.

What's available?

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Some of our food

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips

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  • Open every day
  • Suitable for families.

* We proudly serve sustainably sourced fish as approved by the Marine Stewardship Council.

Captain's Fish and Chips

  • Large Battered Sausage £2.95
  • Vegatable Bake £2.95
  • Captain's Cod Fillet £4.75
  • Pie of the Day £3.95
  • Chicken Tenders £3.00


  • Captain's Chunky Chips £2.50
  • Mushy Peas £0.80
  • Beans £0.80
  • Curry Sauce £0.80
  • Gherkins £0.75
  • Pickled onion £0.75
  • Captain's Gravy £0.80

Online menus are for guidance only, please they may change from time to time!

  • Credit cards accepted
  • Vegetarian options

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