Asiatic Lion


Smaller than its African cousin, the Asiatic Lion was almost hunted to extinction but now some 500 live in India’s Gir Forest National Park. Males are much bigger than females and have a distinctive big mane and a roar that can carry for five miles.


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Lion family at Chessington

“We've been to see the new cubs a couple of times now and found it to be such a privilege to be up so close to this little family of five. We've seen them feeding and playing, rolling in the ground with their father, it's been amazing to see! ”

Beautiful Lions

“Chessington is a fantastic theme park with loads of rides, but there are also some absolutely AMAZING animals at the zoo. We watched the Lion feed and to be just yards away from a Lion eating, and clinging on to it's food is one of the most breathtakin”
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