Be a Carnivore Keeper at Chessington

Carnivore Keeper for the day (16+ years)

Be a Tiger and Lion Keeper For The Day.

Book our big cat experience and take a walk along Chessington’s Trail of the Kings, where you’ll get to work alongside our Carnivores including Sumatran Tigers and Asiatic Lions. An awesome experience, which includes your entry tickets to the Zoo.

The Experience

On arrival you’ll meet up with one of our professional Zoo Keepers, who’ll be your guide and buddy as they go about their daily tasks. He or she will introduce you to your chosen animals and get you involved with hands-on tasks like animal care and welfare, food preparation and keeping their enclosures spic and span.

  • Five hour big cat experience for one person
  • Minimum adventurer age is 16 years
  • Meet and feed the carnivores including the tigers, lions, otters, binturong and fossa
  • Spending time in the dens, meeting the animals up close and personal and asking any questions that they may have
  • Cleaning the dens that the carnivores are housed in
  • Preparing the food and assisting with the public feed
  • Prepare food and feed the animals
  • Arranging and serving up the evening feed before closing up for the night

A truly wonderful way to get up close and gain a real insight into some of the world’s most fascinating cats. You’ll go away with great memories, but don’t take our word for it read our reviews.

Price: £175 per Adventurer

To book, please call 01372 731 673* to speak to our VIP team.

*Phone line is open 10am – 12 noon and 1pm - 4pm every day of the week.

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Bookings must be made 7 days in advance of experience.  Due to the nature of our VIP Experiences, some of our animal encounters may not be suitable for those with mobility problems.  Expectant mothers are not permitted on any of our experiences.  If you believe this may affect you, please contact our VIP team before booking to discuss your individual needs.

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Here are some the newest reviews for Carnivore Keeper for the day.
You can also search our full reviews archive, or maybe you could write a review of your own!


Here are some of the newest reviews for 'Carnivore Keeper for a Day'.
You can also search our full reviews archive.

So exciting!

“Spent a fantastic day with Jo the Carnivore Keeper. Had a wonderful experience meeting and feeding her beautiful animals, from grumpy Kamal to the excitable Mina the otter and her family. 10/10 experience!”

Chessington Keeper For The Day

“My carnivore keeper experience trip was million out of million. I thought it was adventurous mucking out enclosures, feeding animals, getting so close to big cats. I would have to do it again. I liked the whole zoo itself as well. I thought it was interes”

Great day out

“This day was bought for me by my daughter and sister for my 70th birthday. It was a complete surprise. I was shown round by Ollie and Michael and couldn't have been better looked after. They knew so much about the animals they looked after and always called them by name which was lovely. I thought I knew a lot but they gave me so much information I didn't know before. We were very busy all day and even mucking out the lion poo wasn't enough to put me off. My family enjoyed watching that bit and the boys came out and spoke to the people that were watching at the windows. The spectators even asked me some things as well which made me feel a real part of the team. It was so amazing to be that close to these wonderful creatures. The lions and tigers were amazing and the other little animals we looked after were lovely as well although I can't remember what they were called as I had never heard of them before. I am every grateful to have been given the chance to have this experience and to the lads for looking after me so well. I had lunch with all the keepers and they chatted to me as well so I felt included. Was very impressed with the food prep area and food storage places. They were cleaner than most kitchens. I got a certificate and a tee shirt as well. Thank you so much for the day. I would recommend it to anyone, and already have. I can't imagine anyone not liking it. My granddaughter and great niece and nephew and the rest of my family enjoyed the theme park whilst I was busy. Everybody happy even though it did rain a lot.”
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