Western Lowland Gorillas


Very endangered in its forest habitat in Central Africa, Western Lowland Gorillas are the largest apes and live in groups dominated by a silverback – a mature alpha male with silver-grey hair on its back. They are very agile, climbing trees to reach their favourite foods.


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“It was sooo cool the Silverback Gorrila actually had a silver back! That's the first time i've ever seen one! 5 star. Also staff very friendly”

The Best!

“Gorillas are the BEST! They're so cute and my favourite animal! I love all of them, especially the king of them. Thanks for the great day you gave me, hope to see you soon!!!”

I love Gorillas!

“When I saw Kumba sitting down right next to the viewing window, it took my breath away. He is beautiful. He slowly walked over to the window and came face to face with a group of children who were absolutely thrilled. It was very memorable. Thank you Chessington World of Adventures & Zoo!”

My great day

“Yesterday I went to Chessington with my youth club and I really enjoyed it. I loved Hocus Pocus Hall and the boats that go really fast. We saw a gorrilla feeding her baby. I loved Safari Skyway and I had a really great time! I hope to come again”
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