California Sea Lion


Natives of America’s Pacific coast, California Sea Lions are found in large groups and dive to catch fish, sometimes as deep as 200 metres. Females give birth to a single pup and they can live to be more than 20 years old.


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Sealion Bay

“We visit Chessington World of Aventures most weekends including the Zoo Days throughout the winter months. We enjoy the whole experience, but our favourite area is Sealion Bay. We love the antics of the sealions, especially Dante chasing the two girls and establishing his territory. Harley is the laid back one. Always an enjoyable day, thank you.”

Amazing Sealions, an Amazing Show

“We watched the Sealions show today, and thoroughly enjoyed it! My daughter Robyn loved the entire show. She laughed and clapped all the way through! The Sealions are evidently well cared for and the keepers obviously care for them a great deal. We can't wait to visit again. Thanks for making our day even more special.”

Sealion Show

“It is a great experience for older adventurers as much as the younger ones, it is extremely fascinating. Sealions are huge show offs and you see this during the show as they perform impressive tricks. My family loved the show, and yours probably will too! It is definitely worth seeing while your at the theme park. Also the rides there are GREAT! YOU SHOULDN'T MISS IT!”

I loved the sealion show

“The sealion show is brilliant & you guys at Chessington treat them brilliant too. A must see show.”


“My fave theme park is Chessington World of Adventures! I think that it has a brilliant mix of rides and animals. My favourite animals are the Sealions - I love the music that is played, and I think that it suits the creature well. I also love the Lions! I think that Disney Land is a big disappointment - and who would travel so far for something that is half as good as Chessy!”
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