Sea Lion Bay


Splash down to Sea Lion Bay for the chance to see Harley and Dante play in the water!

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“Harley and his keepers/trainers were absolutely amazing! Had an amazing day today and their show was one of my favourites! ”

Absolutely Amazing

“I can't believe how superb the performance was. I have seen many of these shows around the world but none has been like this. It was lovely and simple with one young trainer and one sea lion. The educational value was second to none and I was amazed at ho”


“Chessington World of Adventures was brilliant I loved watching the sealions Dante and Harley, they were fantastic.”

sealion bay yay yay

“Sealion Bay is so wonderful seeing those lovely sealions swim swiftly through the water catching the fish in their mouths. Oh and I can't forget the amazing tricks!!”


“We visit Chessington as much as we can and spend hours watching Harley the sealion and his trusty friends, at the end of the day we always ride the Safari Skyway to say goodnight :) xxx”
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