Treetop Hoppers

Theme Park rides and attractions will be closed until March 2019.
Whilst the Theme Park hibernates for the winter, you can still have a fun filled day out during our Zoo Days or for Christmas at Winter’s Tail.

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Young Adventurers are invited to climb into the trees on Treetop Hoppers. Rise high above the park, joining toucans and butterflies, and bounce back down again!

Thrill rating: Little Adventurers

Ride restrictions

  • Minimum height: 0.90m.
  • Children shorter than 1.10m must be accompanied by an adult.
  • A chest size limit of 51 inches applies on this attraction.

For safety reasons, adventurers must be properly secured in the ride seat.

Not suitable for Adventurers with heart conditions, high blood pressure, back problems or neck problems

Not suitable for Adventurers with leg casts above the knee

See all theme park ride height restrictions.


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Boing, boing, boing!

“The Jungle Bouncers always completed Chessington's atmosphere and I think this new version looks even better!”

Great ride for 8's and under

“After our trip to Chessington yesterday, I would like to say how much my girls (ages 2, 5 and 8) enjoyed their day, but in particular the Berry Bouncers. The queue was not too long because the ride is quite short and seats 12 at a time, so they could go on it again and again. Although my eldest daughter was acting ""cool"" and not responding to the sudden drops, she ran round to join the queue again as quickly as she could riding on the bouncers over 10 times in all. My five year old was thrilled with it, as was my 2 year old, and I quite liked it too! Highly recommended for those young and young at heart.”

up and down,and weeee...

“Breatheless.You should not be scared as its just like a funny feeling in your stomach.You will giggle until your socks come off,or mabye more!Ignore that,sit back try to relax and enjoy the ride!”

The Ribena Berry Bouncers

“My brother enjoyed this ride when he went on it with mum.”

boing, bounce

“I love the Berry Bouncers! Who wouldn't?”
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