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Red Handed Tamarin

Red Handed Tamarin

About Us

Here at Chessington we have 4 Red Handed Tamarins. We have two males - Ralph (born 2008) and Heinz (born 2011) and two females - Ali & Sally (both born 2010). You can find them jumping about in our monkey walkthrough and there's a good chance you'll here their high pitched calls as well - especially when there's food about! They will nearly always be together as they are veru social primates and help each other forage for food and even raise each others young. As you can probably guess they get their name from their /yellow hands and feet and are sometimes called Yellow Handed or Midas Tamarins.


  • They can jump from about 20m up in a tree to the floor and remain unharmed.
  • Troops are usually led by a dominant female who is the only one allowed to have young.