This is a right rattling rollercoaster ride and you’ll be in hiss-sterics as you snake your way through the sharp turns, inclines and sudden dips of the old Mexican tin mine. Life sure has its ups and downs for adventurers.

Thrill rating: Brave Adventurers

Extra information

Fastrack Tickets available
(Subject to availability and on selected days only. Fees apply).

Ride Photos available.

Ride restrictions

  • Minimum height: 1.40m.
  • Maximum height: 1.96m.
  • A chest size limit of 51 inches applies on this attraction.


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“I love Rattlesnake, it is one of my favorites. The bad thing about Rattlesnake is that it comes to an end!”


“I used to be 100% TERRIFIED of roller-coasters before I went on the Rattlesnake. It's full of dips, twists and turns, and even people who don't really like roller-coasters will probably be racing back to the queue to go again after it's finished! The only bad part of the Rattlesnake is when it finishes!! This has really kick started my love of roller-coasters.”

Fun on Rattlesnake!

“I love Rattlesnake! I go on this every time I visit Chessie without fail! A great one to ride with friends, it's a lot of fun with the sharp turns and sudden dips. Don't miss out!”

Love this ride !

“This ride was my favourite and made my stomach go up! I had a fantastic day and am thinking of going again very soon :) Thanks for the fantastic day :)”


“When my friend and I got off we went back to the end of the line and went on again. It is literally one of the best rides there!!!! All you are doing is going left right left right up down up down yet it is still extremely amusing!!! I loved it so much that i am persuading my mum to take me again!!!”
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