Dragon Falls


Climb aboard your boat for a adventurous cruise through the winding rivers, the dips and gentle rapids of the Mystic East. And just when you think the river has been tamed, hold on tight because you’re in for a surprise when you reach… the falls.

Thrill rating: Family Adventurers

Extra information

Fastrack Tickets available
(Subject to availability and on selected days only. Fees apply).

Ride restrictions

  • Minimum height: 1.20m.
  • Children shorter than 1.30m must be accompanied by an adult.

See all theme park ride height restrictions.


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“Dragon Falls is my favourite log flume in the world. My favourite part is when you go into the Dragon's mouth!”

Best water ride ever

“I love this ride so much, the second drop is so fun! If you go to Chessington you have to ride it!!!”

I love it

“This ride is awesome. My first time on it I got soaked! ”

Awesome ride!

“This was a colourful and well themed ride. I was fine during the first drop but I got a little scared during the second one. The ride turned out to be good fun in the end!”

Great staff members

“Bailey at the photo kiosk after Dragon Falls ride - lovely approach seemed genuinely interested in our day. Great service :-)”
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