Just like a bat out of hell, this family-friendly rollercoaster (height restriction only 1.1 metres) gets you soaring through the skies and flying over the treetops with your legs dangling below you. It’s fang-tastic and once bitten, you’ll want to fly again and again.

Thrill rating: Brave Adventurers

Extra information

Fastrack Tickets available
(Subject to availability and on selected days only. Fees apply).

Ride restrictions

  • Minimum height: 1.10m.
  • Maximum height: 1.96m.
  • Children shorter than 1.30m must be accompanied by an adult.
  • A chest size limit of 51 inches applies on this attraction.

Our disabled entrance is accessible through the Trail of Kings.


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Best ride ever!

“Vampire is my favourite ride, you know why, because the speed is just right, the height is just right and it's just great. I would recommend Vampire to everyone because it's so great.”


“Vampire was awesome, I went on it with my dad last year. We had fastrack so I didn't had to queue for 3 hours-it's amazing! ”


“This ride is awesome, I just love it! Well done Chessington!”


“By far the best/scariest ride there is in Chessington! I went on with my pal and we were so laid back before we went on, but by the end we were as awake as a hunting lion (so afterwards we went on Bubbleworks to cool down)! When we went to get our picture, I noticed that my hair was flying up!”

The Amazing Vampire Ride

“Me and my friends went on the Vampire ride so many times, about 7/8 times- IT WAS AMAZING! we bought a wonderful picture of me and my friend smiling at the camera. I think the security people must have been thinking how may times are they going to come back...! But if I had to go again (which obviously I will!)I would go on Vampire, Dragon Falls, Dragon's Fury(which was awesome as well). I enjoyed that day so much and would go everyday if I could!”
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