The Scorpion Express at Chessington World of Adventures Resort

Guide for guests with a disability

We want all our guests to have a really wild adventure every time they visit Chessington World of Adventures Resort.

Read through the sections to help you plan, or scroll down for our online registration form - if you fill it in ahead of your visit it'll save time on the day.


We aim to make our attractions as accessible as possible, download our guide below to see rides which are suitable for you. You might like to print this or save it to your phone to use on the day.

Buying Tickets & Entering the Park

  • Guests able to provide evidence of their disability (e.g. blue/orange badge or similar) will be entitled to bring a helper free of charge (please present your ticket and disabled proof to the member of staff at our turnstiles gates to receive your free helper ticket). In addition an extra helper can enter at a concessionary rate, providing the second is required to assist you on to specific rides and attractions.
  • If you need help to buy your ticket, hosts in the Welcome area will be happy to assist.
  • Wheelchair-users should use the gates to the far left and right at the turnstiles.

On the day

Important Ride Access Pass Information

What to bring with you on the day of your adventure, to apply for a Ride Access Pass.

  1. A letter from a consultant or GP detailing a condition that would require use of the Ride Access Pass or a photocopy of both sides of your Blue Badge. Please note DWP and DLA paperwork cannot be accepted for the Ride Access Pass, however will be accepted to bring a helper free of charge.
  2. A form of photographic identification for the individual who requires the Ride Access Pass (This must correspond with the name and details on the GP letter or Blue Badge provided).
  3. One companion who is happy to use the rides and attractions with the holder of the Ride Access Pass (must be over the age of 14 to offer assistance).

Please note: Ride Access Passes are reserved for adventurers who do not understand the concept of queuing; have difficulties with everyday social interaction; have a limited capacity to follow instruction or to understand others’ emotional feelings or expressions, and may become agitated or distressed having to wait for extended periods of time; and permanently non-ambulant guests. Having a registered disability does not mean you automatically receive a Ride Access Pass. Qualification includes the requirement of photographic identification on each and every occasion an application for a Ride Access Pass is made at Adventurers’ Services.

Ride access with casts, air boot or splint

Unfortunately as a health & safety requirement adventurers with a cast, air boot or splint will be unable to experience some of our attractions. For full details please click here.


  • If you’re arriving by car or minibus, please use either the Lodge Gate or Explorer Gate Car Park, where attendants are on hand to direct you to dedicated parking spaces.
  • In the Lodge Gate Car Park this will be the top row, near the Welcome area.
  • In the Explorer Gate Car Park it will be at the top near the Explorer Gate Welcome area.
  • To use these parking spaces, you must display a valid blue badge in your vehicle. Car parking costs just £2 per car, per day (including 20p to the Chessington Conservation Fund.

Annual Pass

  • Adventurers with a disability can obtain a transferable helper’s Annual Pass. To find out more, ask at one of the cabins in the Welcome areas.

Wheelchair Hire

  • Complimentary wheelchair hire (£10 refundable deposit required) is available for registered disabled visitors, but please note that availability cannot be guaranteed. Wheelchair loss or damage may result in a charge.


  • Toilets with disabled access are available throughout the Park and you’ll find their locations marked on the Park Map.

Disabled Changing Places Toilet

  • Located in Transylvania with a height adjustable changing bench, shower, toilet and a hoist.  To access please use a RADAR key, or speak to a member of staff.

First Aid Centre

  • This is located in Forbidden Kingdom close to Rameses Revenge. The First Aid team caters for a number of special needs, including the cold storage of medicines.

Adventurers' Services

  • Located in Market Square, this should be your first port of call. The Adventurers’ Services team can offer advice on ride access and restrictions, issue ride access wristbands and passes (conditions apply) and provide further information on facilities for adventurers with a disability. Adventurers’ Services can also check adventurers’ heights to confirm which rides you can go on.

Restaurants & Shops

  • If you need assistance when visiting any of our shops or restaurants, you’ll find hosts on hand who will be happy to help.

Helpers & Safety

Helpers / Companions

  • For safety reasons, the number of people with disabilities allowed on certain rides at any one time may be limited. Parties may be divided into smaller groups and there could be a wait before boarding.
  • In certain situations (such as extreme weather conditions, mechanical problems or power interruptions) it may be necessary for adventurers to be evacuated from a ride, possibly from the highest point. Please refer to the downloadable Guide for Guests with a Disability to see what this involves.
  • For safety reasons, adventurers with a disability must be accompanied on to rides by at least one helper over the age of 14. Helpers will not be issued with a Ride Access Pass wristband but must come to Adventurers’ Services with their disabled companion when registering for a Ride Access Pass.
  • Adventurers who are unable to walk unaided must be accompanied by a minimum of two helpers over the age of 14 on rides that involve a complex evacuation procedure. Please note that some ride evacuation procedures mean they are not suitable for adventurers unable to walk unaided and these are shown in the downloadable Guide for Guests with a Disability.
  • Helpers accompanying a disabled companion on to rides must sit in the same carriage, boat, seat or row, and they must be able to assist with loading and off-loading (including transfer to and from wheelchairs). Our ride hosts will provide instruction but, for everyone’s safety, they cannot help with lifting.
  • Helpers must be able to communicate safety restrictions and messages and assist with any emergency or evacuation procedure, which may involve lifting and transferring their disabled companion from a ride into an evacuation chair or harness at high level.
  • All rides have a maximum number of helpers permitted to accompany a disabled companion at any one time. You can find out more in the downloadable Guide for Guests with a Disability

Ride Safety

  • For your comfort and safety, please note that the information shown here is in addition to the general ride restrictions that apply to all adventurers. These are shown at the entrance to each ride and it is the responsibility of all adventurers to check these before deciding to ride.
  • Several rides are unsuitable for adventurers with heart, neck, or back conditions, or expectant mothers, and we strongly recommend that anyone having undergone recent surgery or having been subject to an injury does not board these attractions.
  • On many of our rides, adventurers must be capable of bracing themselves in an upright position and these are shown in the downloadable Guide for Guests with a Disability.
  • On all rides, adventurers are required to keep arms and legs inside the carriage, boat, or gondola and remain seated at all times.
  • As well as complying with all ride restrictions, it’s a good idea to watch our rides in motion before deciding to board.

Register with Adventurers' Services

Save time on the day by sending us some details before your visit.


On completion of this application you will be required to present either; A letter from a consultant or GP detailing a condition that would warrant a Ride Access Pass, and/or a photocopy of both sides of your Blue Badge, to the Adventurers’ Services Team on the day of your visit.

To speed up the process on your arrival please upload a copy of either; a letter from a consultant or GP detailing a condition that would warrant a Ride Access Pass, and/or both sides of your Blue Badge (including name).


(Only JPG, PNG, PDF or DOC file types will be accepted. File size should not exceed 2MB each. Files over 2MB will not be received). After your visit all documents you upload will be removed from our system.

Don't worry if you're unable to scan your documents - just bring them to Adventurers’ Services on the day of your visit.

Please tick to confirm you agree with our terms of use. Please note these terms will then be signed once again on arrival.