Dragon Falls

Chessington Theme Park

Our theme park includes 10 themed lands AND over 40 rides and attractions.

Along with the Zoo, SEA LIFE centre and our Daily Shows - it makes Chessington Britain's Wildest Adventure. Explore deeper below, or start planning your trip.

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Enjoy Yourself

“Just go out there and have fun because you work a lot and it is a good way of putting the stress away and forgetting all about it. So much fun!”


“This park is awesome! I love it! I love it! I love it! Bring friends, family, everyone here and have a blast!”

Excellent disabled policy

“I would like to congratulate CWOA on the disabled procedure they have in place. It is one of the most excellent we have experienced, staff could not do enough to help and the guide they give you is fantastically informative. Today has been one of the best”

Great Day

“I went Chessington for my first time and it was amazing, the food was delicious the rides were so fun and entertaining. I don't think I have ever had a more exciting time at a theme park! ”

Absolutely Brilliant

“Staff were helpful and friendly. Prices for Food and Drinks were really good value for money. Rides were awesome. Lockers all over the park so no need to carry stuff around. I am taking the kids back again next year but for 2 days.”
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