Dragon Falls

Chessington Theme Park

Our theme park includes 10 themed lands AND over 40 rides and attractions.

Along with the Zoo, SEA LIFE centre and our Daily Shows - it makes Chessington Britain's Wildest Adventure. Explore deeper below, or start planning your trip.

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It is a great Theme Park

“Chessington is spectacular! you must go on the vampire ride. it is a great ride. I will be going again very soon. ”

Amazing Rides

“My favorite ride was definitely Dragon Falls, I got soaking wet.”

What a perfect day!

“Had such an amazing day, great fun with all the family, my favourite ride will always be Vampire (although Dragon's Fury comes close!) DELICIOUS meals too!”

looks scary, but fun!

“I give Chessington 100/100. Thanks for giving us this amazing school trip.”

Great Rides

“I loved the Scorpion Express, it is an excellent, fast, speedy ride. But my favourite was Bubbleworks, because you got soaking wet!”
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