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Small, but great!

“Why wouldn't you travel to Pirates Cove, the small but exciting land? With the Black Buccaneer for the bigger kids and Seastorm for all, it's the ideal family land.”

Looks cool

“I've never been on the black buccaneer, but it looks cool to me.”
Black Buccaneer


“Such a great ride, loved it! My parents were too wimpy to ride, but me and my friend had so much fun. It really is a great ride, never have to queue that long. Seriously, this ride is a winner!”
Black Buccaneer

Black Buccaneer

“Everytime I go to Chessington I always look forward to going on this ride. It is brilliant and I used to always scare my sister by sitting right at the back with my hands up and looking down at the wheel! It is amazing and I hope it never goes!!”


“Me and my friend thought this was a little kiddies ride at first, but we were wrong! It was really good, you get spun round while going up and down, you get a little dizzy!”
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