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Black Buccaneer

Loving it!

“Black Buccaneer is by far my favourite ride. You get all squirmy inside as you step up onto the boat. Me and mates screamed till our throats were dry. I always look forward to this ride whenever I go to Chessington!”
Black Buccaneer


“Black Buccaneer is a 10/10 winner it's one of the best rides at Chessington. I went on it 4 times and I absolutely loved it!”
Black Buccaneer


“This ride was amazing beginning to end. I sat in the back and the middle. Possibly my favourite ride. ”
Black Buccaneer

Never gets old!

“My sister and I rode the Black Buccaneer three times! We love the fact that it´s different every time you go on it depending on where you sit!”

Small, but great!

“Why wouldn't you travel to Pirates Cove, the small but exciting land? With the Black Buccaneer for the bigger kids and Seastorm for all, it's the ideal family land.”
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