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“I remember going on it with my friends and it was totally amazing. The setting, matched perfectly with the roller coaster, was amazing - I could believe if someone said that was Mexico! ”

Rattlesnake is one to go on

“Rattle snake is perfect for thrill seekers with a bump at every corner. Definitely one to go on!”
Scorpion Express

One Mighty Fine Ride!

“This ride is just amazing. The themed setting comes alive with incredible effects. It's cool how the oil derrick actually bursts into flames and the mine workings smoke and rattle. Great idea! ”
Scorpion Express

Scorpion Valley Express

“This is an absolutely must go on ride for both the family dare-devils and young adventurers!”

Amazing :)

“This is a great ride for those who are scared of roller coasters. After I went on this ride I felt like I can go on any rides without getting scared :) ”
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