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Amazing :)

“This is a great ride for those who are scared of roller coasters. After I went on this ride I felt like I can go on any rides without getting scared :) ”
Scorpion Express

Wonderfully Unique

“There is nothing quite like Scorpion Express, it's so unique and strange.”
Scorpion Express

the scorpion express (family rollercoaster)

“Chessington always produce the highest expectations in ride standards. With this ride, they've outdone themselves. ”


“Rattlesnake was the greatest ride ever! The best part was the twists and turns! Also, I really enjoyed Dragon Falls, it was amazing especially the drop at the end!”
Scorpion Express

Epic - best ride ever

“Scorpion Express was my first roller coaster and I loved it. I loved the giant scorpion that squirts water at you and the speed it goes round the track. I would definitely recommend this ride for new roller coaster adventurers! Even my Mummy liked it!”
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