Land of the Dragons

Land of the Dragons


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Dragon's Fury


“IT IS AMAZING! It is fast and even better it spins you around and around. It is the best ride ever! ”
Dragon's Fury

I love this ride!

“This ride is awesome and epic! It's the best ride at Chessington. ”
Dragon's Fury


“I absolutely love this ride! When I was on it for the first 2 times I was scared, but I started to love going on this ride. Thankyou Chessington for everything you've done for this ride.”
Dragon's Fury

Epic and Scary

“I absolutely love Dragon's Fury, this is a must go on ride.”
Dragon's Fury


“What a great ride! From the moment you reach the top of the hill, you lose all sense and are spinning out of control! I personally recommend sitting at the back for that extra-thrill.”
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