Chessington Zoo

Our Zoo gets you face-to-face with over 1,000 exotic animals, including Lions, Tigers, Gorillas, Monkey's, Penguins and Sealions.

Along with the Theme Park, SEA LIFE centre and our Daily Shows - it makes Chessington Britain's Wildest Adventure. Explore deeper below, or start planning your trip.

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Zoo Day

“Had a wonderful time at the Zoo day- enjoyed seeing all of the animals, the shows and Hocus Pocus Hall was great fun! Me and my friend Kai went through there 3 times! Even the thunder and lightning didn't put us off, well done Chessington!”

Amazing experience

“My family and I had an incredible experience at Chessington Zoo. We loved seeing the apes, they had a beautiful enclosure with so much for them to do. The young ones were swinging on the ropes. We saw a baby on its mums back, it was so cute!”


“Its breath taking to see all the animals at the zoo. I enjoy getting close to them especially the Tigers. Overall I liked the time I spent in the zoo.”

Fun for all the family

“Fun for all the family It does not matter if you visit Chessington on a winter Zoo day or during the main season, the Zoo will not disappoint. Zoo days, many people do not know that when the main theme park is closed, the Zoo is still open at weekends and often the Bubbleworks and Hocus Pocus are available to guests. Plus there is also Christmas Zoo days as well. A big bonus of going during these days is that the entrance fee is very low £10 per person and the place is quiet, you can enjoy a full day in the zoo have lunch in Pizza pasta. Three memorial Zoo days were one in the snow, a day we have the entire baby monkey enclosure to ourselves with the keeper and another when it was raining so much that the Sea Lion show was changed and the keeper brought out one of the Sea Lions to meet the crowd and we all got to touch the Sea Lion ? Most people will go during the main theme park season, this in itself opens up two of Chessington's top attractions, the first is Lorikeet Lagoon, this a small bird enclosure tucked away behind the Kobra/Temple of Mayhem and it is a small walk in attraction where you can feed the brightly coloured birds and they will jump on your hand, this is an excellent photo opportunity for parents with young children, bring £1 for food and you will get some amazing photos in there. The other main attraction is Zufari, the African safari ride, my favourite animals have to be the giraffes. The Sealife Centre is ok, very basic and as a free attraction it does the job, but it could be a lot bigger, many of the other Sea Life centres are more impressive. The only animals I would like to see Chessington have is Elephants. ”


“The zoo at Chessington is Great! There are so many animals to see and the Lions jump up on the glass! They're massive! I love CHESSINGTON WORLD OF ADVENTURES!”
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