Penguin Cove, Otters and Reindeer

Penguin Cove, Otters and Reindeer


Waddle down to Penguin Cove where you can see the Humboldt Penguins splashing around or stop by and say hello to the mischievous otters nearby.

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“Penguins are my favourite animals and seeing the beautiful penguins at Chessington reminded me why they are my favourite!”

I fed the penguins

“It made my day when I was called from the crowd to feed the magnificent penguins. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I'll never forget. Thank you”

I LOVE it!!!

“Chessington World of Adventures is the best theme park I have EVER been to. I think that penguin cove is the best place at Chessington because the penguins are so interesting to see and hear about! I'll be coming back to Chessington soon with my mum and friends. Thanks Chessington for the wonderful day you gave me!”

The penguins are great!

“It's really fun watching the penguins swimming around in Penguin Cove.. and the show is great too!”
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