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Are you ready for Chessington? Discover why we are Britain's Wildest Adventure, or explore our highlights for 2015:

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  • Chessington Theme Park - over 40 rides & attractions.
  • Chessington Zoo - Tigers, Gorillas, Sealions and more!
  • SEA LIFE Centre - our magical underwater tunnel.

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Kids go Free on Short Breaks

Visit between the 14th Aug – 6th September

  • Includes 2 day park tickets + hotel room
  • Swimming Pool - and kids splash zone
  • Relax - with our restaurant, gym & swimming pool

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Guest reviews of Chessington

"It's definitely up there as one of the best theme parks not just in the country, in the world!! Furthermore the customer service is exceptional, the staff really make it worth every single penny!"

Chess, 4th May 2015

Guest reviews of Chessington

"The staff were very friendly and helpful. Every aspect of what a visitor would expect from a theme park is thought about and delivered."

Naomi, 28th April 2015

Guest reviews of Chessington

"Easily the best theme park in the UK! Chessington is one filled to the brim with great little details and impressive areas."

Ben, 22nd March 2015