Zoo Keepers at Chessington World of Adventures Resort have been using FaceTime to communicate with four endangered Amur Tigers, who are soon to make the move from their current home in Sweden to the Surrey Resort.


Chessington has introduced the concept of ‘FaceTiger’ to allow its Zoo Keepers and newest animal arrivals, Olga, Tsar, Kalinka and Kyra, to catch up online and to familiarise the foursome with friendly faces. This is all before they set paw on British soil next month, when the quartet will be welcomed to a new multi-million pound home at Chessington, which will feature an innovative enclosure with Europe’s first overhead trails.


In addition to the meticulous planning and preparation for the endangered tigers’ arrival that has been underway at the Resort – and the trips to Sweden to meet the animals face-to-face – the Carnivore Keepers in the UK and Sweden have been trialling this new digital enrichment programme in order to share key insights into the big cats' lives and wellbeing through ‘FaceTiger’, including the way they interact with their favourite toys; car tires and giant balls. In order to provide a stimulating environment, the tigers are also frequently treated to new smells and objects to explore, such as branches the giraffe have come into contact with and logs from the rhino enclosure.


Oli Whiteway, Senior Carnivore Keeper at Chessington World of Adventures Resort, said: “It's been amazing getting to know the tigers’ individual personalities. We can see that Tsar, the male of the group, is a big house cat at heart. Whereas the girls are much more playful and little Kalinka is always sneaking around and getting up to mischief. It's a joy to see them via the screen and we've been able to let them hear our voices and practice our calls. We really can't wait to welcome them to their new home!"




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Welcoming a family of four endangered Amur Tigers, ‘tigers truly rock’ at Chessington World of Adventures Resort in 2018, with the launch of Tiger Rock in early May, an exhilarating log flume ride in Land of the Tiger, featuring a new innovative big cat enclosure with Europe’s first overhead trails.


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