New Chick on the Block

It wouldn’t be Year of the Penguins without the pitter patter of little penguin flippers! Chessington World of Adventures Resort is proud to announce an unexpected arrival - a newborn Humboldt Penguin, successfully hatched in record time in the brand new Penguin Bay enclosure opened in March.  Keepers had not expected such quick breeding success with the penguins still settling in to their new enclosure and the introduction of five new penguins to the colony, but Cora and Bigglesworth, an established couple for many years, surprised everyone by getting right down to business!


Just three weeks old, the new chick, who is yet to be named, has been getting 24-hour round the clock care and attention from its doting parents, with big daddy Bigglesworth sitting sentry duty outside the nest constantly. Unless absolutely necessary, the Chessington’s zoo team never disturb the natural breeding process by moving or touching chicks in their nests, but have managed to get a few glimpses of the new arrival to ensure it is thriving!


This is the second chick born to mum Cora and dad Bigglesworth, who also happens to be the oldest (and most protective male!) resident in Penguin Bay at 23 years old. They have been a couple since they were introduced 8 years ago.


Nick Tulley, Penguin Keeper at Chessington World of Adventures Resort said; "We're over the moon with the hatching of a healthy Humboldt chick so quickly, and it's great to see the penguins so settled in their new enclosure, laying eggs virtually days after being put into their new environment. We pride ourselves on our breeding programme here at Chessington, and I am pleased to say we have seen a few more eggs being laid from our other couples too!”


Nick continues; “With the colony having recently moved into a new enclosure, it is rare to see a successful birth happen so quickly. This is thanks to the care and attention taken during the re-design of the enclosure, making a point of not disrupting the nests during the building works. The transition into the new enclosure was so smooth and the penguin couples all settled back into their original nests. Our newest chick is yet to be named, and we are welcoming all suggestions – just tweet us yours @CWOA”.






Fun Facts: Humboldt Penguins

  • A group of penguins is generally called a “colony” and may contain thousands of pairs of birds. Each penguin has a distinct call, which allows individual penguins to find their mates and chicks even in the largest groups
  • Most penguin species breed during the spring and summer. Egg incubation for Humboldt Penguins is between 40-42 days
  • Humboldt Penguins can lay up to two eggs at a time
  • Even though penguins spend much of their lives at sea, they all return to land to lay eggs
  • When penguin chicks hatch, they are not waterproof, so they must stay out of the ocean. They depend on their parents to bring them food and to keep them warm until waterproof feathers replace their fluffy down coats
  • When compared proportionally to the weight of the parent birds, penguin eggs are smaller than any other bird species
  • A group of young penguin chicks is called a “crèche"


Year of The Penguins

2015 is the Year of the Penguins at Chessington World of Adventures Resort, with DreamWorks Penguins of Madagascar descending for an exclusive live show, a newly themed penguin ride providing fun and games in the park’s Africa land and Humboldt penguins frolicking in a brand new walk-through experience! And that’s not all - guests at the Resort Hotels can even sleep in special DreamWorks Penguins of Madagascar themed bedrooms at the Chessington Safari Hotel as Britain’s Wildest Adventure takes on the penguin challenge.


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