Today Chessington World of Adventures Resort unveils their latest thirst quenching snack for penguins – and humans – dubbed, Zoo-shi.


Ahead of the predicted warmer weather this weekend the Resort is launching the Zoo-Shi Popsicle, an ice-lolly containing actual chunks of fish to be trialed by a select group of foodies.


Created with the help of Chessington's own zoo team and the Experimental Food Society's Blanch & Shock, the brand new Zoo-shi Popsicle came about when Penguin Keepers at Chessington were looking for a way to keep the birds cool this summer.


“We regularly give our animals food in blocks of ice as a form of enrichment, but this time we’ve gone a step further,” commented Penguin Keeper Camille Sade. “With sushi becoming so popular over the last decade the human and Penguin diet isn’t all that different anymore. We thought it would be fun to create something both our Penguin and human guests can enjoy, and we’re looking forward to seeing the reactions from guests who are bold enough to taste the treat!”


The popsicles are packed full of the Penguins' favourite fishy treats - including crustaceans, smelt, sprat and capelin. With a hint of lemon and tarragon to add extra flavour, it will take some of the Resort's more daring guests to give the popsicle a taste. However should the trial prove a taste triumph, the frozen treat will become a permanent feature on the Resort's menu.


Evie, aged 6, from Surrey was given the first taste of the Zoo-Shi Popsicle. "It didn't smell too fishy and was actually quite yummy, even though I could see a big bit of fish at the top," commented Evie. "It didn't put me off though and my mum was proud I finished off the whole lolly! It was fun to try eating the same meal as the Penguins!'


Polly Betton, Designer at Blanch & Shock commented: "While guests may initially turn their nose up at the interesting recipe, we'd encourage them to try something different. Plus, parents will appreciate that the lollies are packed full of Omega 3 goodness that their children can enjoy while watching the Penguins peck-down on their own popsicles!"


The Zoo-Shi Popsicles are available for a limited period over the Bank Holiday weekend for all those who visit Penguin Bay at Chessington World of Adventures Resort.


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