Zoo hosts at Chessington World of Adventures Resort have had to hand out nose pegs to all visitors of the newly opened Penguin Bay due to complaints by guests over the smell of poo! Who knew penguins were so poo-ey? Known to line their nests with guano – or penguin poo – to deter predators from their nests, they are also known to poo in water, poo at each other and generally fire out poo in dramatic bursts whenever waddling along!


Jamie Mainds, Zoo Experience Supervisor at Chessington World of Adventures, says: ‘We have had some hot weather lately, and we’ve heard some comments from our guests going through the new walkthrough about the smell of fishy poo – especially during feeding time! We want to ensure our guests enjoy their experience with us, and thought some pegs might solve the problem.’


In order to insulate their new nests and guarantee a successful breeding season, Penguins line their nests with guano, commonly known as penguin poo. With two new penguin chicks born in Penguin Bay this year, visitors can use the brightly coloured pegs to block any bad smells while catching a glimpse of the adorable new recruits.


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