Where can I find further information on the Summer of Emoji Event?

Please see our FAQs below:

Do Annual Pass holders (incl. Standard & Premium MAP and Chessington Annual Pass) have to pay?

There is no additional charge for annual pass holders. The trail is free for all guests on the resort.

Do hotel guests have to pay?

No, there is no additional charge for any guest to take part in the event.

Where do I get my activity sheet from?

From the Emoji gazebo on the front lawn

Can I have a pen or pencil to fill the booklet in?

Yes, pencils will be at the gazebo with the activity sheets

Where do I submit my trail to get my pop badge?

At the gazebo on the front lawn.

Do I have to go on any rides to complete the booklet?

No. All answers are on park and not on the rides

Is there any age limit to the Activity Trail?

No, all ages can complete the trail, you don’t have to go any rides

Can both my children have an activity sheet?

Yes, it is one sheet for every child.

How can I win prizes?

Keep an eye on our social media channels for opportunities to win prizes, as well as on the day challenges at the gazebo.

When will the prize giveaways be?

Times and challenges for the prize giveaways will change on a daily basis to give as many guests as possible the opportunity to win.


We hope this answers your question.


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